You might think the answer to what is a content writer is obvious.

A content writer creates engaging written content for online use.

And while this is true, good content writing means so much more. In this article, we will dive in deep what content writing means today. Why creating a well-written article is not enough anymore and how to create a content strategy that helps your business grow and increase your sales.

What does content writing mean today?

Content writing is defined as writing that is part of websites and interlinked with the marketing intent of each business.

Content writers use the information given by the businesses to ensure the content writing they are creating is in line with the brand, their audience, and their marketing efforts.

Must-have skills of a good content writer:

  • Grammar and style
  • Excellent research ability
  • Excellent performance under tight deadlines
  • Variety of tones and structures
  • Knowledge of different subjects
  • Ideally expertise in the field
  • Creative content ideas

What is a content writer

What are the different content types used on websites?

  • Blog posts – written content for website blogs
  • Articles – nonfiction text on a certain topic
  • Landing pages – standalone web pages, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign
  • Web content – written or visual content of websites
  • Web pages – site content as part of a website
  • Long-form content – articles with a word count over 1200

The basic process behind content writing

Let’s look at the basic steps that are necessary to create written content:

1. Defining guidelines

Before starting to write, establish a common ground that will make the final content more successful

  • Define the tone of voice
  • The type of content
  • Word count
  • Topic
  • Keywords
  • Structure
  • Size of paragraphs

2. Research

Once the guidelines are defined the in-depth research of the topic needs to be done. Collect ideas and look for inspiration. Find relevant articles on your topic and subtopics.

3. Outline

Create an outline that will give structure to your ideas and arguments. Organize your outline by topics and subtopics.

4. Writing

It´s time to start writing.

5. Editing

Review and edit the written content. Get a second opinion.

6. Publishing

Now the written content is ready and can be published on the website and promoted on social media or any other relevant marketing outlets.

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What is a content writer the process behind content writing

What defines high-quality content?

The quality of your content is defined by many factors. Even a well-written article that is free of spelling and grammatical errors won´t perform great on your website if you don’t consider the user’s experience:

  • Design your content around your audience
  • Make sure the language you are using resonance with your customer
  • Make sure your content is easy to scan (short paragraphs, bold text, bullet points, numbered lists, quotes, callouts ). This will keep the reader interested.
  • Create interesting titles and headers that use keywords strategically
  • Analyze your competitor´s content and learn from it
  • Check all quotes for their correctness
  • Check if all links are working correctly
  • Use relevant, eye-catching images

What is SEO content writing?

Now, let´s take it a step further. For sure you have heard about SEO by now?

Search Engine Optimization makes sure your website will be found by potential customers on search engines like Google.

The magical word is organic traffic which means potential customers reach your website through plain old Google search – for free!

Because this free traffic, also called organic traffic, is worth gold you need to make sure that your content is optimized for SEO so potential clients will find you and this traffic will convert to sales.

Well written content without SEO is like a car without wheels it will go nowhere!

These are 8 basic steps behind SEO content writing:

 1. Keyword Research

Every successful content strategy starts with keyword research. If you don´t know how to begin, start by asking yourself these simple questions:

  • What is your product/service?
  • Which problem does your product/service solve?
  • What are your potential customers looking for?
  • What does your target audience want to know?

Try to answer those questions straight to the point with one or two words. Those words are your major keywords. With the help of a keyword tool like Ahrefs, search for relevant keywords and keywords that imply the user´s intent. Look for keywords that show that the customer is willing to purchase something or at least is looking to solve a specific problem. Also, search for sub keywords that are relevant for your main keywords.

What is a content writer - Seo content writing

2. Evaluate Keyword Difficulty

KD or keyword difficulty tells you how easy it will be to rank for a certain topic in Google. Using keywords with lower KD will make sure your website will rank higher much easier. Very popular keywords are difficult to rank for, they have a high keyword difficulty.

3. Analyze your Competition

Always keep an eye out for your competitor’s website. Check the top 5 web results for your main keywords. What kind of content do these websites have? What additional keywords are they using? How is their content structured?

4. Review Keyword Density

Don´t overuse your keywords in your article. Keyword stuffing can even lead to penalization!

There is no ideal parameter what percentage of keyword density is recommendable, just make sure your article sounds natural and fluent.

5. Edit your Headers

Header tags are an important SEO factor, they communicate to the search engines like Google what your content is about.

Optimize your headers and subheaders for SEO. The title should be H1 and subtitles H2 and then H3.

6. Title tag and Meta Description

Make sure your title tag and meta description contains the major keywords but don´t overdo it. Focus on the reader, not just the search engine.  Mention the benefits and value of your content. If necessary mention your brand name.

7. Add Alt Text to your Images

All the images you are using for your content should have alt text with keywords in place.

8. Create Internal Links

Linking to content on your own site is an effective way to make customers stay longer. The longer they stay, the more info they get from your site and the more likely they are willing to make a purchase.

What is a content writer

Why do I need a content marketing strategy?

The intention of most websites and businesses is to sell a product or a service, create revenue and grow their business.

Therefore, in order to make your content work and to make sure it is effective, you need much more than high-quality SEO optimized content – you need a content marketing strategy:

  • Analyze your potential customer and create your content with a target audience in mind
  • Analyze your competitors’ websites, content and marketing strategy
  • Define your marketing goals
  • Create a content plan based on in-depth keyword research
  • Define your digital marketing outlets
  • Finally promote your content (i.e. social media, backlinks, etc.)

While excellent content writing is the motor of all successful websites and SEO optimization gives the content wheels, content marketing is the intent of any piece of written content you come across on the web.

Why hire a professional content marketing service?

When looking at all the parts that are necessary to make your piece of content stand out among the millions of articles on the web it becomes clear that simply hiring a freelance writer or writing the content yourself won´t be enough.

Successful content and a revenue bringing content strategy start with keyword research, customer analyzation and competitor evaluation.

Content marketing services like ContentScout take all this workload off your shoulders and save you a lot of time. Outsourcing your content efforts with a team of professional marketing experts and professional writers will make sure that your website receives increased organic traffic and more conversions.

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